What are translyrics?

Translyrics are lyrics that are adapted from a song in another language. It allows people to understand and appreciate songs that they might otherwise not listen to.

Can I use your translyrics?

  • Yes, you may use my lyrics.
  • Yes, you may edit my lyrics to suit your needs and/or preferences. (For example: changing pronouns and gender) Changing my lyrics into something that I find distasteful (for example, slander) is forbidden and I sincerely hope that it will never happen.
  • Yes, you may use parts of my lyrics for your own translyrics, however you MUST credit me if you choose to do so. (Bonus points if you specify to your audience which section you used.)
  • No, you may NOT use my lyrics for commercial works, as I do not own the songs nor do I take credit for the base translations that I used.
  • Please credit me and any other translyrics collaborators.
  • Let me know if you use them, if you like. =)

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