Temporal (monochromia)

Producers: monochromia (Lemm ✕ 西島ソーンダイク (Nishijima Thorndike))
Base translation: カエルネコ (Kaeruneko)
Listen to the original: Niconico, YouTube
For more information: VocaDB

Opening my eyes, I found myself alone
Upon a road that drifted past the hills.
People pass on by. I never meet their eyes.
Perhaps their faces were lies after all.

My lonely heart is trapped within the confines of my mind.
It seems that all my dreams were never really mine.
The meaning of these words were something that I tried to find,
But they’ll all disappear without a goodbye.

Opening my eyes, I woke up in the sky.
Below me was the sea with no ground in sight.
People fall on by. I never meet their eyes.
Perhaps their faces were all really lies.

The world that had been filled with light has now started to die.
The rainbow-colored lake has turned to dark white.
The future and the past has now begun to split apart
As all the stars all start to fade at twilight.

The twinkling stars slowly blink
As they start to disappear,
Turning their absence into missing things
That go back where they belong.

The dream I dreamt where I had dreamt of dreaming of a dream,
If Helios could take it and search in my mind,
The world would be the same once more and be filled with light
And “I” would just wake up again in another life.


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