nATALIE (Lemm)

Producer: Lemm
Base translation: descentsubs
Listen to the original: Niconico, Piapro, YouTube
Genre: drum and bass, electronica
For more information: UtaiteDB, VocaDB

Quietly, a sound is heard. The noise reverberates again.
Slowly, I start to cast away all of my discontent and pain.
Holding onto my last hope, I reach out of the misty blur of cries,
Searching for a home, somewhere that I might belong where my sorrow’ll always die.

When I try to drift into that world of pure-white,
I think that things are still alright.
But I know…

“When two meet with hurt and grief, even though all you hear are just the tears falling,
It all feels kind. It all feels warm, as if they all took on a gentler form.”
But it’s something I can’t see, something I’d imagined before.
While shutting my eyes tight and hiding my misery, the ugly words spill once more:
“Are you still there?”

Even when I simply walked, my footprints would start to fade.
As I turned and looked behind, I wondered why they disappeared.
Soon, my body’s shivering and swaying in the sky. Is this goodbye?
As I give in, silence slowly sinks in, but I still make my way to the place where you are.

Look at me, all of my tears fall endlessly.
Suddenly, all I want is to hear you sing that clear song of yours.
Remind me of a world that sleeps without knowing of hates or fears.
I’ve decided I don’t want to stay. Please take me away, nATALIE.

Even in the dark abyss, my deepest memories are dim.
Though I try to call them back, I know that it won’t change a thing.
As I waver in the air, I ignore the truth that’s there. I close my eyes.
The silence comes along and while we dance to this song, I can feel myself die.

I hear that melody echoing in my mind.
It chides me one last time so I’ll know…

When two collide with piercing cries, even though something dear still hasn’t yet died,
Everything hurts, everything aches, as if it all took on a sadder shape.
All I wanted was a cure that I had imagined before.
So, covering my ears, I’ll meet you once more. Please look at me, nATALIE.

When two hands are tightly tied, they won’t have to say goodbye.
All I want is to hear you sing this last request of mine.
Please lull me to a world that sleeps without knowing of hates or fears.
Even if it is far, I won’t care. Please carry me there, Natalie…


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