ice (whoo)

Producer: whoo
Base translation: Tatenia & tenkail
Listen to the original: KKBOX, Niconico, Spotify (Fines EP – 2011), Spotify (ALL THINGS MUST PASS – 2014)
Genre: post-rock
For more information: UtaiteDB, VocaDB

Snow falls and passes through my hazy hands like grains of sand.
While reading poetry, I start to see the monochrome lines
Burn into my eyes. However I try,
They just won’t fade


Unremarkably, the words that I speak lose their worth.
Beautifully, stains start to repeat. My body shakes as
All the treachery and unhappiness evaporates
‘til Cocytus is shimmering under its weight.
The stream begins to drum, the sea gleams from the sun,
But in the finale, we just completely stand still.

Right at the city’s edge, the chilling cold seeps through lonely hands.
Your voice rings loud and clear before I hear
Your echo resound.

Unremarkably, the words that you speak lose their worth.
Unforgivingly, ugly fragments bleed.
From there is where these tunes of yours had bloomed,
Where your voice consumed all of me. Humming quietly,
It reverberates on endlessly.
Circling you and I, spiteful secrets hide and multiply.
If we close our eyes, if we paint ourselves a beautiful lie,
We will certainly hear its melody eventually.
Unbelievably, with a silent scream it’ll overwhelm me.

Listening to these words, (Listening to the words we had said,)
Listening to your song, (Playing all the songs that you had written,)
I will still spin. (It will still spin, forevermore.)

For the both of us, everything will be forgiven briefly.

And so then the world will start to suddenly bloom anew.


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